Make Your ROM Scales Custom to Your Office!

Adjust the color, logo, and text to create a business card-like design. Want the rulers to match your website or office color scheme? No problem! Just let us know the color code or we'll do our best to match it to your existing design. You can also choose from 2 dynamic backside designs (see below!)

Range of Motion Scales are Used by Dentists for:

  • Vertical Range of Motion

    At maximum opening, measure edge-to-edge to see if there may be muscular or TM joint dysfunction. Don’t forget to add the overbite or subtract the open bite!

  • Lateral Excursions

    Use the unique ruler on the bottom edge to measure right and left lateral movements to check for TM joint irregularities.

  • Protrusive and Shimbashi

    Use the vertical scale on the ruler to measure shimbashi (CEJ to CEJ) and protrusive measurements.

Custom Range of Motion Cards Can Be Used For:

  • Appointment Cards

    Let your patients know when they’re appointments are with these unique business cards!

  • Business Cards

    Let your customers and dental colleagues have your information with a 1-of-a-kind business card that lets them know you are the “ruler” in your community!

  • Special Offers and Coupons

    Give to your customers for special offers and discounts for your dental practice! “Measure” your success with customized rulers with great deals in your practice!

My dental rulers are awesome!

Dr. Chad Yenchesky
Dr. Chad Yenchesky Fox View Dental, De Pere, WI

Choose Your Card Backside

Your customized Range of Motion Dental Rulers can also double as an appointment card! Remind your patients about when is their next scheduled office appointment!

Or get the Standard back that gives instructions on how to use the cards, along with space to write the patient's name, date, and vertical, lateral, and protrusive measurements!

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