Dental Rulers vs. Therabite Range of Motion Scales

Dental Rulers vs. TheraBite® Range of Motion Scales

What is the difference between and the TheraBite® Range of motion Scales?

We get that question a lot – so we thought we would answer it here for all the dentists with that same question.

Use the straight edge to measure Shimbashi

Use the straight edge to measure Shimbashi

First of all, many dentists are using the TheraBite® system specifically for measuring only the vertical range of motion. These rulers also have a lateral scale along the vertical cut of the card. The rulers from can also do this, but much more!

The rulers can be used for lateral excursions

The rulers can be used for lateral excursions

Not only do Dental Rulers Range of Motion scales have a vertical range of motion and Lateral scale (for measuring excursive movements), but they also have a straight edge ruler that helps with measuring the protrusive movements or the Shimbashi measurement (named after Dr. Hank Shimbashi – which measures the CEJ to CEJ).

Customization Options

Not only that, but the range of motion rulers from can be customized as well! Many of our customers choose to keep the instructions on the back, or you can choose to have the cards be used as a patient reminder! You can find the customized dental rulers form right on our website, or if you still want the rulers but do not want them customized, you can opt for the standardized dentist rulers with our logo.

Some of our doctors even use the cards to network their OSA (sleep apnea) or TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) practices.

How will you use your range of motion rulers?

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